Man furious as he wakes up to find car park being built next to home

Craig Turner says he was a ‘lucky sod’ to live in his house until the parking lot development began (Picture: BPM Media)

A man is furious over a ‘morally repugnant’ car park extension being built next to his home as ‘it will look directly into his bedroom and bathroom’. 

Craig Turner, 53, says he thought he was such a ‘lucky sod’ to live in his Barnby Moor home in Nottinghamshire for two years.

But his feelings quickly changed when he discovered council plans for a parking lot right next to his house.

Mr Turner woke up on May 5 to find a man in a digger in the field next to his house.

‘I was not very happy and as you can imagine some swear words were used when I asked him what he is doing and he informed me of the plans to build the car park,’ he told Lincolnshire Live

Mr Turner, already angry that the car park would run the length of his house, fumed as he ‘started to get an idea of how big it would be’ as the project continued.

On top of this, the resident claims the car park looks directly into his main bedroom and bathroom. 

‘This car park could be built anywhere in the field, it does not have to be built adjacent to my property,’ he said. 

Craig Turner standing in the bit of the field used for the parking lot development next to his house. Craig Turner has complained to Barnby Moor Parish Council about a parking lot extension being built right next to his house.

Mr Turner says he does not understand why the car park has to be built right next to his house (Picture: BPM Media)
He describes his home of two years as ‘beautiful’ (PIcture: BPM Media)

However, Danielle Elliot, who sits on Barnby Moor Parish Council and also lives near the parking lot development, insists the project is not a problem for her. 

She said: ‘If anyone was going to complain about this car park it would be me as if someone was to park up and got out of their car they would be looking straight at me and I have no complaints about it.’

Mr Turner said he has complained to the chairman of Barnby Moor Parish Council twice but was directed to the council’s clerk.

He sent 29 questions to the clerk, who said his concerns had been noted and would be discussed at the next parish council meeting on July 14. 

But Mr Turner believes this is part of the council’s plan to  ‘stonewall him’ instead of dealing with him directly. 

Barny Moor Parish Council says the plans were authorised by the right authorities and did not legally require public consultation. 

A spokesperson said: ‘The works have been discussed in the parish council meetings since December 2019, if not earlier, which is an open meeting for public attendance and various references in the parish council minutes since then.

‘It is a legal requirement that minutes are published one month after the meeting takes place.

‘They are published on the village website each month and on Bassetlaw District Council’s website too and have been made available in accordance to regulations.

‘Information has also been published in the village newsletter.’

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