Marnie Simpson ‘owes Casey Johnson life’ as she talks mental health

Marnie Simpson shared an honest post about her incurable bladder condition (Picture: Instagram)

Marnie Simpson has opened up about her mental health in the ‘worst year’ of her life, after being diagnosed with an incurable bladder condition. 

The former Geordie Shore star, 29, shared her battle in a post in honour of mental health awareness week, admitting she had hidden the pain she had been in for a long time. 

Alongside several images and video clips of her crying and in hospital which she ‘wasn’t sure’ whether to share, Marnie wrote: ‘In 2019 my life changed dramatically, it was one of the worst years of my life. 

‘My physical and mental health suffered dramatically and I don’t think any1 could understand the mental space I was in, going from a normal girl living her life like every1 else to being told my last option was have to have my entire bladder removed along with half my reproductive organs due to a incurable bladder condition that no doctor could diagnose or treat. (sic)

‘It left me so depressed beyond words, unable to function, walk, even talk. the amount of agonising pain I endured 24/7 was unexplainable & I generally wanted to die, I thought there was no other option. 

‘I felt like a burden to my family, I spent £1000s on medications, treatments and not 1 doctor could help. I thought my life was over forever.’

Marnie Simpson hospital pictures

Marnie had an operation to fix the condition in October 2020 (Picture: Instagram)

Marnie revealed that the condition felt like ‘shards of glass’ in her bladder, but nobody knew the constant agony she was in as she hid it so well. 

She explained: ‘I kept majority of my illness & depression private as I was ashamed & embarrassed, 1. because it’s a humiliating problem & 2. I always felt like I would be judged for having depression which is SO WRONG. 

‘If it hadn’t of been for the people around me helping me cope with the pure struggle of everyday life I don’t know how I would of coped.’(sic)

Marnie credited fiance Casey with saving her life in her darkest time (Picture: Instagram)

Marnie admitted: ‘I owe my life to Casey and my parents they literally kept the hope alive for me even when I lost it, I was in pure pain & deep sadness 24/7 thinking when will it end, will I ever have a normal life again, will my bladder ever not hurt, it effected everything.’

The struggle of being in constant pain affected Marnie’s relationships and her work, even meaning she struggled with parenting her son Rox, who was born in October 2019. 

She finally got her ‘life back’ in October 2020 after having an operation on her bladder, and hoped that her honest post would help others who are struggling see there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Marnie added: ‘Whoever is struggling and don’t have any hope TRUST ME there is always HOPE, you have to fight, stay strong and keep going & never give up.’

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