Max Mara advert banned due to model’s ‘unhealthily thin’ appearance

A Max Mara advert has been banned after three complaints were made about the model’s ‘unhealthy’ appearance (Picture: Shutterstock)

A Max Mara advert has been banned after it was found to feature a model with an ‘unhealthily thin’ appearance.

Three complaints were made to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about the image, which appeared in the Sunday Times magazine on February 28. The magazine said it received no complaints about the advert.

The ASA said the model had been photographed in a way which drew attention to her thin frame and protrusion of her hip bone, which was visible through the dress.

It went on: ‘We also considered that the contrast of the ad’s background lighting, which had a sepia tone, against the black dress further accentuated the silhouette of her frame, and the model’s sombre facial expression and posture gave her a gaunt appearance. We therefore considered that she appeared unhealthily thin.

‘For those reasons we considered that the model appeared underweight and therefore concluded that the ad was irresponsible.’

Max Mara has now been told to ensure the advert isn’t used again, and that their future images are ‘prepared responsibly’.

The company said it was not their intention to ‘promote unrealistic and unhealthy ideals’ (Picture: Getty Image)

The company had stated that the image ‘highlighted the lightness and softness of the dress worn, in contrast to the heavy and oversized boots’ and emphasised that the model was fully clothed.

They said there was no intention to ‘dwell on the thinness of the model or to promote unrealistic and unhealthy ideals’.

The company also provided other images of the same model which showed she was healthy and with a ‘normal appearance’, and said the image had ‘communicated a particular style and clothing choice’.

The Sunday Times Style magazine had no comment to make on the advert.

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