Miley Cyrus’ Song Party In The U.S.A. Hits The Charts Again After Joe Biden Wins Presidential Race — It’s Party Time

Joe Biden is the President-Elect, people are dancing in the streets, and they are singing to Miley Cyrus‘ “Party In The U.S.A.” How could Miley have predicted her song would be the good-riddance to President Trump anthem? From the White […] The article https://celebrityinsider.org/miley-cyrus-song-party-in-the-u-s-a-hits-the-charts-again-after-joe-biden-wins-presidential-race-its-party-time-453541/ published by https://celebrityinsider.org/author/charissevanhorn/ and appeared first on https://celebrityinsider.org. Any reproduction of this article outside of https://celebrityinsider.org will be met with legal action by the writer.