Mum in ‘absolute torture’ since her child swallowed a battery and died

Stacy-Marie Niklin tearing up as she speaks about her daughter, Harper-Lee Fanthorpe. A heartbroken mum, from Stoke-on-Trent, has spoken out about her devastation over her toddler dying after swallowing a button battery.

Stacy-Marie Niklin and her three eldest daughters visit Harper-Lee Fanthorpe’s grave several times a day (Picture: BPM Media)

A grieving mum has opened up about how her family have been living in ‘absolute torture’ since the death of her toddler.

Stacy-Marie Niklin’s two-year-old daughter, Harper-Lee Fanthorpe, died on May 23 after swallowing a remote battery that burned through her food pipe and damaged a major artery.

Now, five weeks later, Stacy has spoken out about her family’s pain as they campaign to change the law so Harper’s death was not in vain. 

She is fighting for Parliament to pass Harper-Lee’s Law passed, which would outlaw button batteries in non-essential goods.

The support worker told how she had put Peppa Pig on for her daughter to watch while she got ready for work. 

Stacy had only been at work for two hours when one of Harper’s sisters called and showed their mum Harper lying on her side, covered in blood. 

The tot was rushed to hospital but surgeons were unable to save her.

As the doctor told Stacy ‘I’m sorry’, she remembers ‘letting out the loudest scream’ and shouting ‘No’.

Stacy then found a remote control with a missing battery in Harper’s bedroom and was shocked at how there was ‘no catch, no screw, no warnings, nothing’. 

The support worker is campaigning to get button batteries banned in non-essential goods (Picture: BPM Media)

She told StokeOnTrentLive: ‘The past five weeks have been absolute torture. 

‘I feel lost. I miss her so much. She was like my little shadow. Everywhere I went Harper was behind me. I couldn’t even have a bath without her jumping in, fully-clothed.

‘She wouldn’t even sleep on her own. For two years we co-slept.’ 

Stacy explained how the ‘little character wouldn’t let you sit down for a minute’ because she was always asking for something. 

‘The last five weeks, all I’ve done is sit down. I’ve never sat down so much and I hate it,’ she added.

The mum also opened up about how ‘getting out of bed is a struggle’ because ‘everywhere is a permanent reminder’. 

A mum whose daughter died after swallowing a tiny battery has spoken of her agony at her little one's death - and how she plans to fight on in her name to save other youngsters' lives. Stacy-Marie Niklin's two-year-old girl, Harper-Lee Fanthorpe, died in hospital after putting the small button battery in her mouth. The device - which had been easily removed from a remote control - caused Harper-Lee fatal internal injuries. Today, Ms Nicklin, 35, described the devastation and helplessness she felt as medics battled to save her toddler.

Harper-Lee Fanthorpe died after she swallowed a battery and it burned through her food pipe and damaged a major artery (Picture: BPM)

Even going to get groceries is difficult for Stacy because Harper ‘made such a massive impact on everyone she met’ and everyone remembers her. 

Stacy and her daughters, 13-year-old Kylan-Shannon and 18-year-old Jamie Leigh, visit Harper’s grave several times a day. 

The family, from Stoke-on-Trent, want to either see tiny batteries banned or the devices they go into made more secure. 

Other parents have since reached out to Stacy about the same tragedy happening to their children. 

She added: ‘This is my focus now: to push and push and push to get something done.’

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