Neighbours spoilers: Yashvi dies in dramatic car crash?

Who makes it out alive? (Picture: Channel 5)

Brace yourselves for a classic big Neighbours stunt that’ll see Yashvi literally hanging on to life when the car she’s in flips upside down while in pursuit of Levi’s (Richie Morris) attackers. With actress Olivia Junkeer having announced her departure, is this how Yashvi goes?

It’s squeaky bum time when Levi and Yashvi’s tailing of the criminals turns to disaster.

Will they survive?

They end up in dire straits when their plan to bring the attackers to justice takes a devastating turn. They are thrown when Mitch approaches them to make a deal – he’s ready to sell out Nelson in return for total immunity.

It sounds a tad too good to be true and the deal has Yashvi and Levi’s copper senses tingling. They’re right to err on the side of caution, but they don’t err quite enough. They follow Mitch to a warehouse where they make a shocking discovery.

And this is where things take a turn.

Things take a terrible turn (Picture: Channel 5)

Of course Mitch was having them on and the bad lad takes off with the two police officers on his tail, desperate to not let him get away. But in his desperate attempt not to let the assailant escape, Levi takes his eye off the ball long enough to lose sight of the road and the oncoming car.

In his haste to avoid the crash with the other car – which happens to be his gran – Levi snatches the wheel and sends their car flying into a mid-air spin, crashing down on the roof.

Yashvi is pulled from the wreckage in a very bad way. Sheila does her best to keep her breathing until the emergency services arrive and Yashvi is bundled into an ambulance and rushed off to Erinsborough Hospital. It looks like she might not pull through the night, so Dipi (Sharon Johal) rushes to be by her daughter’s side. Has Levi’s blinkered desire to get justice killed his best friend?

Meanwhile, Levi is out to finish the job and tracks Mitch and Nelson down to the bush. He gets hold of Mitch who starts messing with his head, goading him. Levi has the opportunity to finish Mitch off once and for all. In his blind anger, will he take it?

Scenes air from Monday July 26 on Channel 5.

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