New G.I. Joe Animated Series Is Coming in 2022

While many fans of GI Joe were delighted at the arrival of Snake Eyes this year, the world of the beloved Hasbro toy will be expanding even further next year as Snake Eyes will be followed up by a new animated series. For fans of the original cartoon that made many childhood memories, and of course sold a shedload of toys in the process, this is even more exciting news from the franchise that has been sitting dormant for a little too long.

Word of the new animated series came from Hisstank, a reliable source when it comes to anything G.I. Joe related, who was at Licensing Con Brazil which featured a presentation by Marcelo Masotti, head of licensing for Hasbro Brazil. While we are still only getting one big screen outing in the franchise for now, Masotti announced that the new series would be arriving next year, and not only that but a second season is already following in 2023. While there were no details on the exact dates or who will be showing the series, there was a short clip of the show played which featured Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, showing that they are already deep into production on the series.

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There are obviously no details yet on what storyline the series will follow, but it is likely that with the long-form format we can expect to see all of the classic Joe characters that fans have come to love over the decades. The franchise boasts a whole wealth of characters for them to play with, and having numerous episodes to work with usually means that much more can be incorporated than in a short movie. In addition, the fact that a second season is already planned, it looks like there is a lot going into this latest iteration of the character and his associates.

The feature film, Snake Eyes, will be keeping its action focused solely on the origins of one of Joe’s most well-known characters, with only Storm Shadow, Scarlett and The Baroness being confirmed as appearing in the movie. Henry Golding takes on the lead role in the movie, while Andrew Koji plays Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes’ adopted brother turned enemy. Scarlett and The Baroness are played by Samara Weaving and Ursula Corbero respectively, and fans had been hoping that the ensemble of characters would mean that there would be more to come from the franchise in the future.

While the news of an animated series from Hasbro doesn’t mean there won’t be a sequel to the movie, it does seem like a follow up would not arrive until after 2023. With part of the production being under the MGM banner, the future of a sequel will likely end up resting in the hands of Amazon since their takeover. With this in mind, the arrival of the animated series could provide a decent little stopgap for fans who will be desperate for more after Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins arrives in theaters on July 23. This news originated at ComicBook.com.

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