Report: NFL reveals plan to incentivize grooming of minority coaches and GMs


The NFL is planning to develop minority coaches and executives in order to diversify the demographics of the league. Peter King of NBC Sports reports that, at a virtual ownership meeting scheduled for Tuesday, owners likely will vote on a measure that would reward teams whose minority assistant coaches and non-G.M. executives become head coaches and general managers.

The rule, if adopted, would give the team that developed the minority coach or G.M. an extra draft pick. However, the rule would not reward the team that hires the minority coach or G.M.

Like any rule, the potential for unintended consequences exists. A team, for example, may shy away from hiring a minority candidate from a division rival, since that rival would realize the benefit of two extra third-round picks when the candidate leaves.

Despite the risk that comes with it, the rule will still prompt teams to develop head coaches and executives and give them opportunities to prove that they are indeed capable of handling the most coveted jobs in the league.

The NFL only has four minority head coaches currently at the helm namely, Mike Tomlin with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Anthony Lynn of the Los Angeles Chargers, Brian Flores from the Miami Dolphins, and Ron Rivera of the Washington Football Team. The league only has two minority general managers in Chris Grier also from the Dolphins and Andrew Berry with the Cleveland Browns.

Hopefully, the rule will help the league champion inclusion and diversity especially with regards to the roles being played in the teams’ front offices moving forward.

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