New Nintendo Switch Game Leaked Out of Nowhere

A new Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite game has leaked out of nowhere, courtesy of the game rating board out of Taiwan. The rating board doesn’t divulge a ton of salient details about the game, but it does reveal its title, Gods Will Fall, which is apparently an action game with a dark-fantasy theme from Koch Media-owned Deep Silver. Further, the rating makes note of website domains for the game, which date back to August 2019, but at the moment, these websites are not live.

Unfortunately, this is where the details end. There’s no mention of any additional platforms, which could suggest this is a third-party Switch exclusive, which while rare, do exist. Meanwhile, there’s no mention of a release date or even a release window, however, if the game is already being submitted for rating, it likely means a release isn’t incredibly far off, or at least this is usually the case, though games are often rated in Taiwan before they’re rated anywhere else.

If the usual pattern holds, it would mean Gods Will Fall will likely release sometime in 2021, and while right now it’s only been rated for Switch, it’s more likely than not going to be a multi-platform release, as Deep Silver — typically — treks in multi-platform games only.

At the moment of publishing, no party implicated — the rating board, Deep Silver, Koch Media, or Nintendo — have not commented on this leak, and it’s unlikely any of them will. However, if they do, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided.

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H/T, Gematsu.