Passenger taken to hospital after he was ‘stabbed with machete on Tube train’

Emergency services at the scene this evening

Emergency services at the scene this evening (Picture: Ollie D – OJ Productions UK)

A Tube passenger has been taken to hospital following reports of a stabbing ‘with a machete’ on board a moving Jubilee line train.

He was left with a wound to his head described as ‘a deep gash meaning the side of his head was hanging off’, a witness who was in the same carriage said.

The other passenger, who is in his 30s and did not want to be named, told of the ‘utterly terrifying’ moment he saw a man with a ‘foot-long machete’ attack the victim.

He feared he would be ‘hacked to death underground’, saying: ‘All of a sudden there was a huge commotion.

‘A man stood in the middle of the carriage and brandished a foot-long black machete.

‘People started screaming, there was a stampede to the front carriage – people got trampled on and pushed into the plastic and stuff.’

Green Park station was closed after the incident (Picture: Ollie D – OJ Productions UK)

The witness said he moved into the next carriage away from the attacker.

He added that the driver was unaware of anything happening for 10 minutes because the intercom was not working, and passengers were left defenceless on the moving Tube as the attacker ‘taunted’ them.

‘The attacker went back down the train. We heard screaming but we don’t know what happened,’ he said.

‘He then came back and stood at the opposite end of the carriage taunting us and making out he was going to break down the door of the carriage.

‘It was completely and utterly terrifying. For about 10 minutes I genuinely thought I would be hacked to death underground.

‘However, people showed compassion and care to each other – people held other’s hands, and a teenage boy saved his mum from being trampled.’

The witness said the Tube train eventually stopped and armed police arrested the attacker, who did not resist them.

BTP said a man has been arrested on suspicion of inflicting grievous bodily harm, and that Green Park station has been closed.

Paramedics also attended the scene and took the victim to a nearby hospital.

Police earlier said that they were called to Green Park underground station in central London at 6.47pm today.

Paramedics also attended and the passenger has been taken to a nearby hospital.

Green Park station was evacuated and closed.

Writing on Twitter, one user claimed: ‘My daughter was in the train behind- no announcements for 50 mins whilst train stopped in tunnel and passengers scared.’

Another described ‘alarms and the long wait for the police to arrive’, adding: ‘I was and still am scared.’

BTP Superintendent Mark Lawrie tweeted: ‘Due to an incident at #greenpark the station was closed but will be reopened imminently.

‘Victim being cared for at hospital. No officers injured, weapon recovered.’

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