Paul Rudd Gave Seth Rogen a Full Massage After Spa Prank Backfired

If Paul Rudd ever starts to age, and his myriad projects explicably dry up, Seth Rogen says he could have a promising career as a masseuse. In a very random tweet on Monday, Rogen described a hilarious prank he says Rudd played on him at a hotel in Las Vegas. “Once I was in the spa in a hotel in Vegas getting a massage,” Rogen recalled.

Seth Rogen continued, “When I finished I turned over and to my shock Paul Rudd was massaging me. He saw me go in and convinced the masseuse to let him take over, thinking I’d notice immediately. I didn’t, and Paul did the entire rest of it.” Now that’s dedication to a bit!

Skeptical producer Jeremy Wein asked Rogen on Twitter, “Are we sure this wasn’t a weed induced hallucination Seth?” To which Rogen replied, “I’m sure Paul would confirm it.”

When Rogen is not getting the spa treatment from Paul Rudd, he is a very busy man. Throughout the pandemic, he has blown us all out of the water with the hobbies, businesses and even publishing a his first book, ‘Yearbook.’ When asked to describe dipping his toes for he first time into the literary world, he says this.

“Hi! I’m Seth! I was asked to describe my book, ‘Yearbook’ for the inside flap (which is a gross phrase) and for websites and shit like that, so… here it goes!!! ‘Yearbook’ is a collection of true stories that I desperately hope are just funny at worst, and life-changingly amazing at best. (I understand that it’s likely the former, which is a fancy “book” way of saying “the first one.”)”

“I talk about my grandparents, doing stand-up comedy as a teenager, bar mitzvahs, and Jewish summer camp, and tell way more stories about doing drugs than my mother would like. I also talk about some of my adventures in Los Angeles, and surely say things about other famous people that will create a wildly awkward conversation for me at a party one day.”

“I hope you enjoy the book should you buy it, and if you don’t enjoy it, I’m sorry. If you ever see me on the street and explain the situation, I’ll do my best to make it up to you.”

Seth also partnered up with long time best friend director Evan Goldberg to launch Houseplant. As described on their website, “Houseplant co-founders Seth & Evan have spent most of their lives not only smoking weed, but studying what makes certain strains ideal for productivity, relaxation, or simply having a good time. With Houseplant, they have made it their mission to curate only the weed that is up to their incredibly high standards and to educate the public about what goes into creating quality cannabis.”

And if you don’t follow Seth on social media, you might have missed that he has also become quite an accomplished potter, sharing his ceramic creations almost daily.

Its almost a miracle in itself that Seth Rogen was sitting still long enough for Paul Rudd to pull off that prank.

Seth Rogen is currently in production with Sarah Silverman on the film Santa Inc.He plays Santa to Silverman’s elf. Paul Rudd’s new movie Ghostbusters: Afterlifefocuses on a single mom and her two kids arrival in a small town. They begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind. We can expect its release in theaters November 11. This news originated at Entertainment Weekly.

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