Playing with Sharks Trailer Dives in on a New Sharkfest Documentary for Disney+

Disney+ has revealed the official trailer for Playing With Sharks. This is the latest from National Geographic Documentary Films and takes a deep-dive look at the life of Valerie Taylor. She is a true pioneer in both underwater filmmaking and shark research. Taylor is revered as a living legend and icon in the underwater world whose life’s work has become the basis for much of what we know about sharks today. The movie, which is set to debut next month on the streaming service, is part of National Geographic’s SharkFest lineup.

The trailer opens with some remarkable archival footage of Valerie Taylor swimming with sharks, which she narrates. It takes us through her life, dating back to the 50s. While it certainly focuses on her career trajectory, the footage also makes a point to demonstrate how mankind’s relationship to nature, specifically the sea and the life contained within, has changed over the decades. The pivotal moment came when she killed a shark, which she regrets. From then on, she only shot the creatures with her camera. As evidenced by the footage in this trailer, the world is all the better for that decision.

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Playing With Sharks tells Valerie Taylor’s story through remarkable underwater archival footage, along with interviews with the researcher herself. It follows this daring ocean explorer’s trajectory from champion spear fisher to passionate shark protector. From the birth of cage diving to Jaws hysteria to the dawn of cageless shark diving, Valerie became a trailblazing advocate for the ocean’s most maligned and misunderstood creatures.

The movie is created and produced by Bettina Dalton, WildBear Entertainment. It comes from two-time Emmy-nominated director Sally Aitken, who writes and directs. It is executive produced by Alan Erson for WildBear, Anna Godas and Oli Harbottle for TDog and Paul Wiegard for Madman Entertainment.

SharkFest, not to be confused with Discovery’s Shark Week, is set to take place over six weeks and will include four networks, as well as Disney+. The stacked lineup kicks off on July 5 with Shark Beach With Chris Hemsworth. The Thor star will set out on a personal mission to uncover the science of shark behavior and discover how humans and sharks can safely coexist. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Some of this year’s programming selections also include When Sharks Attack, Orca vs. Great White, Shark Gangs, Croc that Ate Jaws, Shark Attack Files, World’s Biggest Bull Shark? and much more.

In addition to the trailer, a new poster for the documentary has been revealed as well, which we’ve included for you to check out. The movie has done remarkably well with critics up to this point. After playing at festivals such as Sundance, it currently sits at an unblemished 100 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with 25 reviews counted. So, shark fan or not, this one may well be worth your time. Playing With Sharks premieres on Friday, July 23 on the Disney+ streaming app. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself.

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