Producer pulls out of Rose Byrne Christchurch massacre film

Caption: Rose Byrne to play Jacinda Ardern in biopic on NZ mosque attacks

Amid growing ‘white saviour’ backlash, a producer on upcoming film They Are Us has pulled out of the project.

The film focuses on the story of the harrowing week following two mass shootings at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2019, which left 51 people dead and last week it was announced Rose Byrne had been cast as New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

However, amid criticism of the film and accusations Hollywood was ‘exploiting’ the tragedy, veteran New Zealand producer Philippa Campbell announced her resignation.

She said in a statement, as per The Hollywood Reporter: ‘I’ve listened to the concerns raised over recent days and I have heard the strength of people’s views. I now agree that the events of March 15, 2019 are too raw for film at this time and do not wish to be involved with a project that is causing such distress.’

Campbell added: ‘The announcement was focused on the film business, and did not take enough account of the political and human context of the story in this country. It’s the complexity of that context I’ve been reflecting on that has led me to this decision.’

Several members of the mosques affected by the attack are said to have been consulted for the project which will be written and directed by Andrew Niccol.

Ardern was praised for her reaction to the attack (Picture: REUTERS)

New Zealander Niccol recently told Deadline: ‘They Are Us is not so much about the attack but the response to the attack [and] how an unprecedented act of hate was overcome by an outpouring of love and support.

‘The film addresses our common humanity, which is why I think it will speak to people around the world. It is an example of how we should respond when there’s an attack on our fellow human beings.’

Niccol is referring to NZ PM Ardern, who was widely praised for how she handled the response to the attack.

However, a spokesman for the Prime Minister’s office told the New Zealand Herald that Ardern and her government haven’t been involved in the movie, while the Muslim Association of Canterbury questioned whether the film was ‘appropriate right now’.

Byne is yet to comment on the role (Picture: Lars Niki/Getty Images for BAM)

Spokesperson Abdigani Ali said: ‘Although recognition of our Prime Minister for her response to attacks is well deserved, we question the timing and whether a movie is appropriate right now?’

On Sunday Ardern said the movie ‘very soon and very raw,’ and that her story shouldn’t be the focus, adding: ‘There are plenty of stories from March 15 that could be told, but I don’t consider mine to be one of them.’

Following outrage at the film, a family member of a victim of the attack, Kyron Gosse​, penned an open letter to Byrne asking her to ‘re-think’ the decision to portray Ardern.

He said: ‘This story is far from over and for the families involved, we still live it every single day. Please, give us time. Two years is far too soon to be talking about Hollywood movies.’

His letter, published by the New Zealand Herald, continued: ‘The time will come for this story to be told. When the right time does arrive, it is important that the right story is told, a story that focuses on the true heroes of the day. Now is not the time, and this is not the story. Please, turn down the role and give us time to heal.’

A petition launched on Friday night asking for the film to be shut down has so far been signed by more than 62,000 people.

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