Queen sent ‘wickedly funny’ letters from her corgis to staffer’s dog

Alexander Armstrong revealed the funny anecdote in his upcoming series, The Queen and her Cousins (Picture: Hulton Royals Collection / Tim Graham Photo Library)

The Queen used to write hilarious letters pretending to be her corgis, a new documentary has revealed.

Presenter and comedian Alexander Armstrong revealed the funny anecdote about the monarch in his upcoming series, The Queen and her Cousins, to mark her 95th birthday.

He said he found the handwritten notes framed in the downstairs toilet of one of the Queen’s former royal staff members.

She had handwritten notes, pretending to be her corgis, to his Jack Russell.

Mr Armstrong said they were ‘hilarious’ and a perfect illustration of the Queen’s ‘wicked sense of humour’.

‘He would write these letters from their Jack Russell to the corgis and the Queen would write these letters back,’ he said in the documentary.

‘And they put this series of letters up, and they are so funny. I wish I could remember them.

‘I remember holding my stomach, howling with laughter because they are wickedly funny.’

Queen Elizabeth II pictured with one of her corgis at Sandringham in 1970 (Picture: Hulton Royals Collection)
The Queen Mother’s corgis pictured at Clarence House (Picture: Tim Graham Photo Library)

He had spotted them by chance while visiting the late Sir Blair Stewart-Wilson, previously an equerry to the Queen, whose daughter Belinda was married to Mr Armstrong’s former comedy partner Ben Miller.

Mr Armstrong travelled around the country to meet some of the Queen’s many cousins for the series.

They told of what it was like to step out in front of crowds on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, and how everyone remembered that ‘the Queen is the Queen’ – even in private.

He spoke to Russian Princess Olga Romanoff, whose great uncle was Tsar Nicholas II and whose grandma was rescued from the Crimea while were killed by communist revolutionaries.

She said she would have made a ‘lousy imperial Princess’ and is relieved to be free of the confines of royal life.

‘When my father was widowed, he married my mother without asking permission of the Queen at the time, which was the Queen Mother,’ she said, while showing Mr Armstrong around her home, Provender House in Kent, which she hires out for events.

‘I believe that pissed off the Queen Mother and so his invitations to the palace and all that dried up.’

But she was still included on a list of potential suitors for Prince Charles, written by the now defunct society magazine Queen.

‘The Queen used to take Charles and Anne to have tea with my grandmother and they apparently had beautiful manners and I had terrible manners,’ she added.

The Queen and her Cousins airs on ITV from Thursday, April 15 at 9pm.

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