Rapist made terrified victim bark like a dog and try to sell herself

Daniel Brown is already serving a life sentence for charges which include violence against two other women (Picture: PA)

A man raped a woman, made her bark like a dog ‘to demonstrate he had complete control over her’ and forced her to try and sell herself for 50p. 

Daniel Brown, 43, targeted a vulnerable woman who struggled with addiction and moved into her London flat with a stolen dog.

Brown ‘flipped out’ when he found out the woman had returned the dog to its owner after seeing lost posters for the pet. 

He claimed that she owed him £6,000 and said he would ‘pimp her out’ after he ‘tested the merch’. 

Brown tore the woman’s underwear off while she was still wearing trousers, dragged her into the bathroom and forced her into a freezing cold bath. 

He used a pink balloon as a makeshift condom and then raped her. 

At one point, he made her bark like a dog ‘in order to demonstrate to her and presumably himself that he had complete control over her’, Southwark Crown Court heard. 

An exterior view of Southwark Crown Court in London. Daniel Brown has been jailed after he raped a woman in her own flat in Kensington, London.

Southwark Crown Court sentenced Brown to life in prison with a minimum of eight years and eight months behind bars (Picture: PA)

If the victim did not respond to instructions immediately he would become violent. He even threw a cutlery knife at her eye during the terrifying ordeal in November 2016. 

He said he would sell her for 50p and made her stand in the street while wearing a corset over a red dress. 

The woman got worried that someone she knew might see her and tried to cover the clothing with her coat but Brown was watching her from the other side of the road.

He then forced her to perform a sex act on his friend when they got back to her flat in Kensington.

She later told the court that she could see her rapist was ‘excited’ at how scared she was. 

The victim tried to leave the next morning but Brown found her packed bag and punched her with ‘great force’ in the ribs.

She escaped  to her friend’s house for some time but eventually returned to her own home where Brown threatened her with a bread knife. 

The woman ran out of the flat with no shoes on and called the police. She told an officer about her nightmare and Brown was arrested. 

He denied the charges but was convicted of, rape, sexual assault, causing a woman to engage in sexual activity and assault causing actual bodily harm.

Judge Baumgartner told Brown: ‘I have read the victim’s personal statement.

‘It is harrowing. She tells of how she feared for her life when you did what you did to her.

‘Her life spiralled downwards afterwards into further addiction.

‘She lost her home. She lost contact with her children and her family.

‘She started cleaning her teeth with bleach and lost all but five teeth as a result.

‘Although she is no longer addicted to illicit drugs, she has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and she describes how this has affected her life.

‘Clearly, what you did to her has left her with lasting psychological damage.’

Yesterday, before being sentenced, Brown got angry that the press were covering his court case and told his barrister: ‘I can’t have them tarnish my name.’

The judge started explaining that press freedom to report on public hearings is a ‘fundamental principle of open justice’ but Brown interrupted again. 

He said: ‘I am agitated, I have been calm since I have been in the court. They have been writing things about me that aren’t true. I am not comfortable with the situation.’

Once his barrister had calmed him down he was told that he would serve a life sentence with a minimum of eight years and eight months behind bars.

Brown is already serving another life sentence he was handed in 2018, by Iselworth Crown Court, for charges which include false imprisonment and violence against two different women. 

One of these victims was also accused of stealing money from him. 

The judge said Brown showed a pattern of ‘targeting vulnerable women’ and ‘taking advantage of them’. 

Before his 2018 conviction, Brown spent seven and a half years in jail for his role in the ‘Prada Boys’ gang which stole £2 million worth of valuables, including designer clothes, from at least 35 wealthy homes in London. 

Judge Bamgartner told Brown: ‘You have shown absolutely no remorse for this or any of your previous offending.

‘You maintain your innocence. You lack any empathy towards your victims. You maintain a poor attitude towards women.’

Brown, of no fixed address, will have to sign the sex offenders’ list for life. 

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