Reminiscence Couldn’t Have Happened Without Hugh Jackman Insists Director

The Reminiscence trailer released recently, revealing a sci-fi drama about a man, Nick Bannister (Hugh Jackman), who helps people recover lost memories, until one day he himself becomes entangled in the memories of a woman (Rebecca Ferguson) who disappears without a clue left behind.

The trailer carries traces of both Inception and Westworld, which is unsurprising since its writer and director, Lisa Joy, is the co-creator of Westworld and married to Christopher Nolan’s brother Jonathan Nolan. In a virtual panel to celebrate the release of the trailer, Lisa Joy explained that she could only ever imagine making Reminiscence with Hugh Jackman in the lead.

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“Myself as director was very high maintenance in that I only wanted to do the film if Hugh Jackman be the lead. So it was pretty high stakes for me. I wrote Hugh an email and he was kind enough to let me go visit him in New York. I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll just pop by.’ Popping by for me meant booking a flight, going over there, finding his place. I sat with Hugh in his house and we talked for a very long time and Hugh was daft enough to let me into his house and let me pitch this thing to him without reading a script. But I just knew when I was writing it, I knew it was him and I just couldn’t imagine anyone else.”

For his part, Jackman described his character Nick in Reminiscence as a “broken man” at the start of the story with a tough exterior due to his wartime experiences. Nick now operates as an interrogator of people’s past trauma, and his new job has also left Nick “disengaged and distrusting of the world.” That is when the character of Mae, played by Ferguson, walks into Nick’s life and turns everything upside down. According to Jackman, Mae’s abrupt disappearance pulls Nick out of his depression and forces him to embark on a dangerous journey of discovery.

“He’s just immediately intrigued and drawn in and mesmerized and increasingly becomes after this long – or relatively short, actually – love affair obsessed with her and needs to discover what has happened because he knows in his heart that something is wrong, something bad has happened to her, and he just won’t accept any other version of the events, and goes on this great odyssey and through the darkest places of the world of Miami.”

It seems despite the surface similarities between Reminiscence and other sci-fi-thriller movies, Reminiscence is going to focus more on the romance and emotional connection between the lead characters than the mystery at the heart of the narrative.

This will be the second time Jackman and Ferguson are coming together for a big-budget project, with their last film together, The Greatest Showman, having been a huge hit. Naturally, expectations are high for Reminiscence, and fans have been busy sharing their excitement over the trailer for the movie on social media. Currently, Reminiscence is set to arrive in theaters on the 3rd of September. This news originated at CinemaBlend.

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