Ryan Reynolds Gives Hard Pass on Having Vancouver Street Named After Him

How would a celebrity react to thousands of his fans signing a petition to name a street in their hometown after them? It’s an honor indeed, but if you ask Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds, he has hilariously pointed out how this particular brand of overwhelming love from his admirers could have potential side-effects that he would explicitly like to give a “hard pass.” 

Well, the complete story is that earlier in November, The Kevin and Sonia Show with Tara Jean, a Vancouver radio show on 104.9 KiSS, went public with their ardent fangirling and launched an online petition. The petition is addressed to Canadian city’s mayor, Kennedy Stewart, putting forward the argument that as Reynolds is “Vancouver’s favorite son,” it is a must that a street is named after the 44-year-old actor.

“We at The Kevin and Sonia Show with Tara Jean on 104.9 KiSS RADiO feel Vancouver’s favourite son, Ryan Reynolds, deserves to have a street named after him (or at least a lane). It’s time. Not only has he captured our hearts on the big screen, his humanitarian efforts have made him a beloved local treasure who encapsulates the best of Vancouverites, and fully deserving of this recognition in his hometown.”

The petition, that has garnered over 3000 signs, goes on to underline the many reasons that make it almost mandatory that the Free Guy actor gets the honour. It states how Reynolds “has proudly helped elevate the positive profile of his hometown to a worldwide audience … and we feel for all he’s done for the community, he’s entirely deserving of a street named after him.”

While the radio show accepted that Vancouver “only names streets after people who have passed,” it also noted that there have been exceptions and given that “technically Ryan Reynolds is Dead(pool). We think we have a solid case here.”

Though the number of increasing signatures does cement the petition and prove that it indeed has a “solid case,” Reynolds is so not in favor of the idea. With the petition swiftly gaining steam, the actor took to Twitter and commented that he would prefer to give a “hard pass” to the big honor. “Very kind but hard pass,” he tweeted. “If traffic sucks everyone will say, ‘Ryan Reynolds is a mess’ or ‘Ryan Reynolds is really backed up.’ My brothers would enjoy this too much.”

Since Reynolds humorously yet politely rejected the idea, the KiSS radio show had updated their petition as a response to the actor’s comments. “So … should we keep it going, even if it’s just for the hilarious puns and the reasons he listed?” reads the introduction to the updated petition. 

Well, whether the petition actually comes to fruition or not, there is no denying the ever-consistent demand of the actor who is currently busy doing multiple projects. Deadpool 3 just got a green light, remakes of Clue and  Christmas Carol are also in the pipeline amongst his other ongoing projects. But if you too think that Vancouver should have a “Reynolds” street, then go ahead and sign the petition here at Change.org.

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