Safaree Is Enjoying Life Amidst Erica Mena Drama

Safaree ‘s fans keep blasting him amidst the whole drama involving Erica Mena and their breakup. They tell him that he left her alone with their kids and moved on.

Check out one of the recent posts that have fans bashing him.

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Someone said: ‘U can’t run from your responsibilities.. it’s time to man up! Play time is over it’s not just about u anymore.. it’s about your kids .. I know your scared it’s ok to be scared , I heard u say you didn’t know it would be this hard imma keep u in my prayers brother.’

A commenter posted this: ‘Instead of giving him the attention he wants let’s save the energy and go to Erica’s page and leave words of encouragement. Let a higher power deal with him.’

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One fan said: ‘Sometimes we don’t know what others feel on the inside we stay from the outside and judge……left all of that to god who knows maybe this is his way of healing🥺.’

A follower said: ‘Yeah something wrong wit you you abandon your wife and child. You know the vibes.’

Someone else said: ‘If I was Erica he would be in for a rude awaking when he come back my lawyers would be ready and he wouldn’t see me nor the kids.’

A lot of  Safaree   ‘s fans are telling the star that he abandoned his wife and kids after  Erica Mena   eventually gave birth. He keeps posting all kinds of clips and pics from the beach and the man is definitely having a great time.

His fans are flooding the comments section with slamming messages, telling him that he should be with his wife and kids instead of having all this fun.

Stay tuned for more news to see whether Safaree and Erica can make their relationship work again.

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