Shazam 2 Family Photo Reveals New Superhero Costumes

David F. Sandberg gave DC fans their first full look at the Shazam Family fully suited up for their appearance in Shazam: Fury of The Gods, with all new costumes that seems to have gone down a storm with Twitter users. With added texture and style, the new suits are a world away from the original movie’s iterations, which many have said now look like “stunt doubles” in comparison. After the first official look at Zachary Levi, I’m not sure anyone expected the rest to be equally as slick.

David F. Sandberg made the post today, saying, “Don’t know how long we can keep the new suits from leaking so here’s a pic I took the other day.” While some speculated on what else he “can’t keep from leaking” and therefore may be inclined to leak it himself, the rest of the Shazam fans out there were quick to give their praise of the new style suits. In addition to the reveal, fans immediately noticed that Mary appears to be played by Grace Fulton in the photo.

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In the original Shazam!, the part was played by two different actresses, with Grace playing the regular Mary, while her Super counterpart was played by Michelle Borth. Sandberg cleared this up when he was asked how Grace was pictured in the suit, replying, “Yes, Grace now plays both parts. But her hair and makeup is slightly different when she’s super so nobody will ever recognize her. Hey, it works for Wonder Woman!” Like the costumes themselves, this decision is something else that was greeted warmly by fans, as the character has progressed from a child to adult between the two movies and having one actress play both parts seemed to make sense.

The reveal seems to be partly in response to a previous tease, when he was asked if everyone would be getting new costumes after his initial reveal of the Shazam look. At the time he replied, “Well it would be weird if they didn’t.” Sandberg has expanded on the decision to change the costumes, simply saying, “Why not? Might as well try some different things this time around and not just do the same thing twice. I told [costume designer Louise Mingenbach] some of the things I wanted this time. Her and her team designed and created it beautifully incorporating the things I asked for, we showed the studio and they thought it looked great and didn’t have any notes.”

Now we know that they certainly have received the same upgrade as Levi’s title character, and it has only heighted fan expectations of the movie, with some even calling for its release to be moved forward and swapped out with Aquaman 2 for a December 2022 release. While that is unlikely to happen, it proves once again how much love there is out there for Shazam.

filming on Fury of the Gods was finally underway on the delayed movie, and that he couldn’t feel more blessed to be back in the role and in front of the camera. With Shazam: Fury of The Gods not due to open until June 2, 2023, there are likely to be many further “leaks” to come in the next few months as shooting continues, and it is going to be a long two years until we see the end product on the big screen.

Shazam Fury of the Gods cast photo

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