Shonda Rhimes Talks Rege-Jean Page ‘Bridgerton’ Cameo In Season 2 – Will He Appear In The New Storyline Or Not?

The Bridgerton producer responded to fans’ burning question about Rege-Jean Page’s departure from the popular period drama, more specifically, whether or not he’ll be featured in season two at all! That’s right! The fans are super curious to learn if the beloved actor will be back for a cameo after announcing his exit from the show and Shonda Rhimes finally responded.

Both Shonda and Bela Bajaria, who is Netflix’s Head of Global TV, chatted with HollywoodLife in a new interview and that is when they dished some details about the series.

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‘I was like, ‘I have killed many times a man that people adore.’ I am so surprised that everyone is [losing it over a character we have watched] for 8 episodes leaving. But obviously, Regé’s an amazing actor and did an amazing thing and so people responded. I was also surprised because the nature of this whole series is simply, this year it is this couple, this year it is [that] couple,’ Shonda shared.

As a result, it is very unlikely that Rege will make an appearance in the new season and Bela noted that ‘Those books really dictated what we did, and we want talent to have an amazing experience and to tell the story they are telling authentically, not, ‘Oh, can you come over here and just do this little thing?’ Like, is that satisfying? Is that what actors want to do? He delivered on his story.’

Shonda also stressed that it would make little sense for Rege’s character to have just a small role since the season is focused on Daphne’s big brother, Anthony and how he plans to ‘dominate the social season.’

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‘I was excited about the idea of being able to tell a complete romantic tale that has an end, where you are not finding 14 other reasons why the couple cannot be together or frankly having Regé stand in the background of someone else’s romance. That does not make sense.’

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