Surprise! People don’t want Facebook cameras in their homes.

Not many people, it turns out, want a Facebook-manufactured camera in their home. 

This extremely intuitive revelation comes to us today via Fast Company, which reported that, according to sources at companies which supply parts for Portal cameras, only a “very low” number of the devices are shipping. Who would have thought?

Sure, Facebook is repeatedly embroiled in privacy scandal after privacy scandal, but surely that wouldn’t stop anyone from shelling out their hard-earned cash to purchase a Facebook camera that also listens in on their conversations. Oh, wait. 

For the blissfully unaware, Facebook initially launched two versions of the Portal — a dedicated device for video calls — back in in 2018 for $199 and $349. Updated versions of the device, along with a TV-mounted camera, are now on sale,  ranging from $129 to $179.  Read more…

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