Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger Reunite for the First Time Since the Pandemic

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, two of the greatest action movie stars of all time, recently reunited for a new photo posted online. Back in the 80s and 90s, Sly and Arnold were essentially competitors vying to become Hollywood’s biggest action star. These days, they’ve gotten to be pretty close friends, and Stallone recently posted a photo to Instagram from a recent reunion between the two actors. You can see the image below.

“The first time I’ve seen Arnold in over a year!” Sylvester Stallone said in the caption of the post, which also included a second image of Sly and Arnold hanging with Ralf Moeller and Frank Stallone.

No reason was given as to why the Hollywood legends were recently together. As good friends, it’s obviously possible that Stallone and Schwarzenegger were just looking to catch up after the pandemic kept them separated for longer than a year. Of course, we also cannot discount the possibility that the actors are discussing a potential film project. Previously, the pair co-starred in the prison escape movie Escape Plan along with the action ensemble movie The Expendables and its two sequels.

If these two are discussing movie projects, chances are it’s probably The Expendables 4. Back in April, series star Randy Couture revealed that Stallone and company were planning to start shooting the sequel in the fall with a new screenplay currently in the works. If Couture’s comments turn out to be accurate, then he could be joining Stallone and Schwarzenegger back on set within the next few months. It’s also worth noting that tentative plans could always change, so let’s not hold our breath on seeing the movie just yet, as attempts to make The Expendables 4 in the past have failed.

“It sounds like we’re gonna get to do [The Expendables 4],” Couture explained, via The Jenna Ben Show. “They’ve been kicking it around for a couple of years now but I’ve just recently heard from my agent that they’re working on the script for [EX4] and they’re planning to schedule filming of Expendables 4 for this next fall. So I haven’t seen the script yet.”

In any case, it’s remarkable to see Stallone and Schwarzenegger getting along so well these days, considering the famous rivalry they had in decades past. There was one point in time where it seemed like it’d be impossible for the two action stars to ever share the same screen. Now, it seems that the pair are on track to star in their fifth movie together if The Expendables 4 happens, and fans of both actors everywhere are certainly ready for it.

For more from Stallone, the actor can be seen in new footage as Rocky Balboa in Rocky Vs. Drago: The Ultimate Director’s Cut, an extended version of Rocky IV personally edited by Stallone himself. It will premiere on Nov. 11, 2021. After he was last seen in Terminator: Dark Fate, Schwarzenegger can also next be seen on the big screen when he appears as the President in the upcoming comedy sequel Kung Fury 2, due to be released in 2022. The photo of Stallone and Schwarzenegger comes to us from Sylvester Stallone on Instagram.

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