T.I. Says He’s Taken 13 COVID-19 Tests While He Goes About His Regular Life Because He Doesn’t Want To Live ‘In Fear’

Hot New Hip Hop says T.I recently came out to comment on the coronavirus pandemic, including the way he has taken precautions to ensure the safety of himself and others around him. As most know, approximately 230,000 Americans have died […] The article https://celebrityinsider.org/t-i-says-hes-taken-13-covid-19-tests-while-he-goes-about-his-regular-life-because-he-doesnt-want-to-live-in-fear-451477/ published by https://celebrityinsider.org/author/toddmalm/ and appeared first on https://celebrityinsider.org. Any reproduction of this article outside of https://celebrityinsider.org will be met with legal action by the writer.