The five Best VTuber moments of 2020

The arrival of VTubers is like watching that scene from the horror film Poltergeist, a young girl approaches the TV screen witnesses a strange phenomenon and ends with one of the most iconic quotes in horror cinema.

“They’re here!”

One can imagine VTubers saying this line since majority of them have high-pitched voices and the fact that their influence and popularity have taken over the streaming world. Like that scene from Poltergeist, you were either left entertained or traumatized when encountering a VTuber to the point where you either loved them for their dumb-downed form of comedy or hate them for hiding under a virtual avatar. In fact the massive support and criticisms have brought the very best moments as seen in this list.

Here are five of the best VTuber moments of 2020.



Hearing that sense of panic from a VTuber’s voice trying to solve a problem caused by their own foolishness will definitely force the viewer to laugh. Just watch this clip by Sakura Miko playing Minecraft, perhaps you could see her potential as a firefighter or better yet as a casualty.

This is what makes the VTuber an attractive form of entertainment. Unlike the majority of streamers who are extremely cautious about their gameplay, VTubers don’t really care at all. For them, their antics are what stands above everything else. Their screams of agony remind the viewer of those moments in anime when the protagonist is facing the insurmountable odds with a random mix of comedy to lighten the mood.

Maybe the video below could further establish the inner fandom in you.



Their expressions aren’t the only ones that attract the vast majority as their odd choice of words or phrases can tickle your bones. The first minute of Nyanner’s video above is a perfect example.

Some of these awkward moments were caused by the viewer randomly saying whatever word comes out of their mouth, some are caused by their inability to comprehend the English language due to their Japanese roots, while others are just hard to explain. The sheer confidence of these streamers to blurt out their thoughts with no regard for the viewer’s sanity or opinion is what makes them a sensation.

They say that a loose cannon is dangerous as their actions could bite them at the back, but these VTubers on the other hand would maintain their rebellious stance. On the outside they look like the typical Instagram anime eye-candy, but deep inside they are antiheroes with a huge cult following.

Maybe I’m not qualified to dig deep into this craze. Just watch the following videos for reference.



The moment when Gigguk donated 3,000 Yen to Coco Ch. was the time when he earned the reputation of being “The god of Simping” by the Twitter community. The funny part stem from the fact that his donation came from a sober state which he mentioned in the Trash Taste podcast show.

However Gigguk had other reasons why he supported Coco Ch.’s stream where he mentioned his intent to study the Japanese language. According to him watching a VTuber offers a more convenient way to learn the language more than anime primarily because the subtitles found in anime tend to confuse the viewer’s vocabulary, and the experience watching a VTuber feels like a real life conversation.

Some might argue that Gigguk is a closet simp where he is hiding his original intent of acquiring the attention of Coco Ch. Regardless of his actions, his conversations in the podcast show served as a beacon of hope for any aspiring diehard weeb to venture into other avenues to learn the language. This could further aid in enhancing the popularity of the genre as well as its reputation beyond the pedophiliac criticisms centered around it. And speaking of pedophiliac criticisms.



Controversial streamer and content creator Brittany Venti published a video about her criticisms on Gawr Gura’s streaming sessions. Her points indicate that the people watching her streams are sexual predators where Gura’s childish personality would enhance pedophilia.

Her video garnered negative responses as the online community would ridicule her for hasty generalization and her cluelessness on streaming personas. Some would call out for her jealousy on Gura’s popularity.

Gawr Gura response was to simply troll on her critics through her line, “Googoo Gaga.”

Her response sent chuckles around the online community with her fans commending her for her ability to deal with critics. The frowns on their faces turned to Gura’s signature “A” smile.



Controversial? Yes. Is it worth the drama inducing fuss found on Twitter? Hmmm…that’s up to the spectator to decide. Pokimane’s decision to show a VTuber avatar in one of her streams brought both praised and criticism from the community. Some would argue that Poki should venture into VTubing to further enhance her content while others would express their disgust as Poki is capitalizing on the popularity of the genre to gain more attraction while ignoring the value in producing the genre.

Though Pokimane admitted that she has no intention to venture into VTubing in her succeeding streams, her appearance raised some questions regarding traditional streaming.

Is VTubing the next big thing? Will traditional streaming dwindle down in the next few years? One can imagine Dr. Disrespect’s moustache in an anime form.

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