The Last Leg: Josh Widdicombe mocks Laurence Fox on footballer remarks

Laurence called England team ‘millionaire woke babies’ (Picture: Channel 4/AFP via Getty Images/PA)

The Last Leg star Josh Widdicombe has mocked Laurence Fox over his criticism of England footballers for kneeling at the Euros to take stand against racism.

Ahead of the start of this year’s UEFA European Football Championship, the England men’s football team faced boos and jeers from their own fans when they took a knee during warm-up games against Romania and Austria.

Rio Ferdinand slammed those who were booing, emphasising that taking the knee ‘is about racism’ and ‘people being treated the right way and respectfully and not based on the colour of their skin’.

Meanwhile, actor-turned-politician Laurence, who recently failed in his bid to become London Mayor, said that he won’t support England at the competition.

In one tweet, Laurence described the England footballers as ‘millionaire woke babies’, saying that he was ‘embarrassed to be British’, while in another he said that the booing was ‘a beautiful thing to hear’.

On the latest edition of The Last Leg on Channel 4, comedian Josh said that ‘the only positive’ to come out of the situation ‘is that you are able to now identify all of the England fans who are complete t**ts.

Josh Widdicombe on The Last Leg

Josh mocked Laurence’s criticism of the England football team (Picture: Channel 4)

After mentioning Laurence’s statement that he will not support England at the tournament, Josh mockingly said: ‘Oh no, not one of the great winners Laurence Fox.’

He then took his ridicule a step further, referencing various stages of Laurence’s career.

England manager Gareth Southgate and assistant coach Steve Holland kneel ahead of Engladn’s friendly match against Romania on June 6 (Picture: Scott Heppell/Pool/AFP via Getty Images)

‘Your last album reached number 63. You lost your deposit at election. England don’t support you mate!’ he said, as the studio erupted in laughter.

TV presenter AJ Odudu, a guest on The Last Leg, said how ‘outrageous’ she found the booing at the England players.

AJ Odudu said she found the booing of footballers kneeling ‘outrageous’ (Picture: Channel 4)

‘I just think it’s absolutely outrageous that a minute before footballers play, they’re getting booed by their own supporters and expected to put on a good show. It’s like, you’re not going to put on a good performance,’ she remarked.

AJ added that the behaviour has made her feel that she would be less comfortable going to a football match.

‘It’s really sad actually because I think it’s created this awful atmosphere,’ she said.

‘The players themselves have been really excited to get the fans back in the stadium. That’s what we all want to see. We want to see those stadiums full again. We want the atmosphere to be there and we want to see good vibes, and we’re seeing booing. And it’s just not the environment that I want to be in live at the moment, and it’s really sad.’

The Last Leg returns next Friday at 11.05pm on Channel 4.

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