‘The Lie’ With Joey King, Peter Sarsgaard, And Mireille Enos Is Better Than You Think, Spoilers

The Lie with Joey King, Peter Sarsgaard, and Mireille Enos is better than you think. Warning! Spoilers ahead! Amazon‘s new movie The Lie isn’t getting the best reviews and is averaging about a 5 on IMDB and 42 percent on […] The article https://celebrityinsider.org/the-lie-with-joey-king-peter-sarsgaard-and-mireille-enos-is-better-than-you-think-spoilers-454147/ published by https://celebrityinsider.org/author/charissevanhorn/ and appeared first on https://celebrityinsider.org. Any reproduction of this article outside of https://celebrityinsider.org will be met with legal action by the writer.