The Monster Squad Star Andre Gower Hospitalized After Suffering a Severe Heart Attack

Andre Gower, best known for playing Sean Crenshaw in the 1980s cult hit The Monster Squad, suffered a “severe heart attack” over the weekend which left him hospitalized. The 48 year old discussed his near death experience as part of the Gofundme page that has been set up to pay for the actor’s medical bills.

Gower was playing tennis when he suddenly felt unwell, and after being rushed to hospital it was confirmed that he had suffered a heart attack, which has lead to him having a pacemaker fitted. The information shared on the page reveals just how close he came to death.

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Andre Gower, who also appeared in 80s TV series’ such as Knight Rider, The Twilight Zone and Remington Steele, posted on his Facebook page about the incident, sharing a video from hospital in which he had this to say.

“Yesterday, I apparently went and had a heart attack, and apparently, according to the info, it was a pretty decent one. I was playing tennis with my good buddy Mike, I started not feeling really well, and, long story short… my right coronary artery ended up being 100 percent blocked with a giant blood clot… Apparently, according to the people that worked on me and the excellent cath lab team, we got here with about 10 minutes to spare… That’s the update there, I am still in the ICU, they’ve just removed my two main lines, which is good, which means my heart is working adequately enough to take the pacemaker out and the lines. But we’ll see in another day or two and go from there.”

The actor appeared in only a small number of movies in the 80s, but The Monster Squad was iconic enough to make sure that he would not be forgotten by anyone who grew up with the movies of that decade. As Sean, he led a group of suburb kids as they attempted to fend off a group of classic monsters including Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster and the Werewolf – who definitely had nards – from taking over the world. While there are some movies that should never be remade, I for one would happily see a return of The Monster Squad in some capacity.

Gower shared a link to his Gofundme page, where further details of the incident were included. The full account of the incident reads, “Andre Gower is a healthy and extremely active 48 years young. He eats right. He takes his supplements. He just finished an Instagram campaign in June 2021 called #activewithandre where, for 30 days, he encouraged folks of all abilities all over the globe to do just one thing within their comfort zones to take care of themselves, and share their experiences as part of a self-care initiative. But during an ordinary round of tennis with a friend on Saturday, July 3, Andre suffered a massive heart attack caused by a blood clot, landing multiple days in intensive care. He was saved with mere minutes to spare.”

The text then goes on to describe how there were very few signs like those seen in the movies, with nothing dramatic, no chest grabbing or pain. It reads: “Let’s be clear: this was no movie-style heart attack. It’s called Sudden Cardiac Death for a reason – how little time you have. Andre had an hour, and by the time he got on a table, 50 minutes were gone. He ate a banana, and felt better after a few minutes. Still, something was off. He mentioned his chest felt a little tight. His face and arms, a bit tingly. He saw shooting colors. He laid back down, saying to Mike, “I really hope this isn’t some heart issue.”

The page recounts the “miracles” that happened over the next hour, with Gower’s failing body being rushed to urgent care, which was empty, travelling through roads that were mercifully void of traffic, all of which allowed him to get the care he needed just in time.

“‘They said in another 5-10 minutes, there would have been zero chance of survival. Just a bit of traffic, or another patient in the cath lab, or the cath lab being just half a mile further – would have added up to death. He was at that place – I’ve seen it a hundred times when I was a paramedic,’ Mike said. A pacemaker was installed to help take over when his heart beat became unstable while it learned to calibrate itself and beat on its own again. He was bradycardic through the next 24 hours, and the pacemaker did 90% of the work.”

It seems that the following day, another blockage was found and needed to be cleared, and it is going to be a long road to recovery for the star. They asked for any help that can be offered, and encouraged people to share the page and copy in the star’s official Instagram and Twitter pages, as well as use the hashtag of #getwellandre!.

“Please tag @andregowerofficial (Instagram), @andregower (Twitter), and hashtag him with #getwellandre! And please, please share this link to as many as you can. All help is valuable help. We will be posting updates as we get them here, so stay tuned. Andre will be engaging and talking as he recovers to help educate his fans and other people on what it’s like to go through an event like this, and the recovery.

He is stunned at how innocently his heart attack presented, and he doesn’t want anyone else and their families to go through his situation – especially watching your own death unfold on a metal table. His advice for now: “If you’re not feeling well: just go. Better to be wrong than too late.” This news originated at ComicBook.com.

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