Thousands vow to throw eggs at unveiling of Margaret Thatcher statue

The bronze statue cost £300,000 to make (Picture: PA/Facebook)

Thousands of people plan to protest the unveiling of a Margaret Thatcher statue through an egg-throwing contest. 

A council is today set to approve spending £100,000 on the revelation of a monument of the Iron Lady. It will be placed on a 10ft plinth to prevent vandalism. 

But people have figured out a way to make their statement despite the plinth, and have planned an egg-throwing contest.

More than 11,000 people have said they were interested in participating on Facebook, with 2,100 confirming they would attend.

If Kesteven District Council, in Lincolnshire, votes to go ahead with the expensive reveal it will be another £100,000 on top of the £300,000 it cost for sculptor Douglas Jannings to make the bronze statue. 

The structure of the country’s first woman Prime Minister, who was born and raised in Grantham, would be 20ft tall in total. 

But many people have reacted with anger over the spending during a time of such national hardship. 

The host of the egg-throwing event, Kass Arif, posted on the page encouraging people to donate money to different charitable causes and promised the ‘biggest donation gets first throw on the day’.

Sculptor Douglas Jennings made the statue, which would be 20ft tall with the plinth (Picture: PA)
Many people called her a ‘witch’ and called for the statue to be torn down (Picture: Facebook)

He said: ‘I really didn’t expect the event to blow up as big as it did.

‘I started this to gain a reaction from people to question why we as a nation are putting statues before people, it’s a disgusting movement by the council who both know it will be met with disapproval, and the fact they have stated they want to put it on a 10ft plinth to stop vandals should have been a red flag for them.

Margaret Thatcher was the UK’s first woman Prime Minister and died in 2013 (Picture: REX)

‘If a local council or even a government fails to provide for the nation then it falls on us to protect and help one another, regardless of class, wealth, race, sex, political stance, or age.’

Some people commented the former Prime Minister, who died in 2013, is part of the UK’s history ‘good and bad’ while others called her a ‘witch’ and called for it to be toppled.

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