TikTok Star Addison Rae Claims She Was Fired as UFC Reporter Following Backlash

Social Media influencer Addison Rae has claimed that she was ‘fired’ from her role as a UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Correspondent, following a backlash from journalists experienced within the field. The TikTok star initially recieved criticism over a post on social media concerning her new role, in which she displayed her qualifications for the job. The jovial remark noted that Rae only required three months studying journalism at Louisiana State University in order for her to land the job, she had left the institution early to focus on her career as an influencer.

Addison Rae later tweeted “nvm (never mind) y’all got me fired” in response to the fan backlash to her post. One user initially commented “Stealing jobs from those more deserving, very classy”, while another wrote “I went to journalism school for two years and interned (unpaid) for another 1.5 years after that. Never got hired, and had to switch careers. Thank you for this info”. Others supported the social media star, arguing “people tell you to get a real job and then are mad when you get one”, and “Companies can hire who they choose. Being an influencer or having a big social media following can sometimes be a plus. There’s nothing wrong with someone getting a shot at something new”.

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According to Deadline, reports now indicate that Rae may not have been an official UFC hire, merely conducting one interview in her home town as a social media boost. Addison Rae was known, prior to her role as UFC Correspondent, for her dancing videos on social media. The influencer has accumulated 4.8 million followers on twitter, 38.6 million on Instagram and 81.9 million on TikTok.

Rae has been a guest star on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and is set to feature as Padgett Sawyer in the remake of 1999 comedy movie She’s All That, this time titled He’s All That. The original movie focussed on a boy attempting to turn a girl he perceived as unattractive into the school’s ‘prom queen’, this time the roles are reversed as a teenage girl sets out to give her male classmate a drastic makeover. The film will be directed by Vampire Academy, Bad Santa 2and The Spiderwick Chroniclesfrontman Mark Waters.

He’s All That will not be Rae’s first foray into the acting world, with the influencer having previously featured in Spy Catas well as short films Lil Mosey: Blueberry Faygoand Larray: Canceled.Rae has also made no less than 15 TV and Film appearancesas herself, these included #KidsTogether: The Nickelodeon Town Hall, The Dixie D’Amelio Show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonand Chicken Girls: The Docuseries.These appearances go to show that the social media star is no stranger to working in front of a camera, despite the fact that she lacks the qualifications of more experienced journalists.

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