Titane Trailer Goes Off the Rails with Raw Director Julia Ducournau

Julia Ducournau’s second feature film Titane is gearing up for its Cannes Film Festival screening this July. But before the film receives the screening there, Neon has released a good one-and-a-half minute teaser of the film, which clearly is giving the same suspenseful and thrilling vibes as Ducournau’s critically acclaimed Raw (2016).

The trailer has gained great traction from fans of Julia Ducournau who have been waiting for her next outing as a director for the past five years. The trailer has already made the film one of the most anticipated ones of the year which will star Vincent London and Agatha Rousselle in lead roles. London is a former winner of Cannes Best Actor Award (he won in 2015 for The Measure of a Man).

The trailer of Titane, looks amazing and pretty much gory and dark given some of the NSFW sequences; however, there’s nothing to make out of it. The trailer features no dialogues, references, or hints to its plot and actually plays, She’s Not There by The Zombies. Moreover, Neon has explicitly refrained from giving an official synopsis in the trailer’s description on YouTube. The description instead defines the title in a completely science-fiction manner. It says, “A metal highly resistant to heat and corrosion, with high tensile strength alloys, often used in medical prostheses due to its pronounced biocompatibility.”

From the description one may take a hint that the film might deal with some crazy, horrific effects seen in people who have undergone prostheses surgeries and have taken Titane implants. But maybe, Titane isn’t really the life-saving metal famous for its biocompatibility and has adverse reactions on the patients. The trailer has various sequences of gnarly bodies, some graphic nudity, strange wounds, other unsettling imagery promising a disturbing yet thrilling treat in the form of a feature film from Ducournau.

Titane poster

That’s just the scrape of the tip as Titane‘s trailer has literally not left any clues to what the film is about and Neon may keep everything under wraps until the film gets screened at Cannes this July. Titane is already getting high acclaim from critics who have watched its early screenings and the comments on Neon’s YouTube posting of the trailer clearly indicates an exciting audience awaiting the film’s release. The film is also contending for the Palme d’Or Award at Cannes, a first for Ducournau.

Earlier, Ducournau’s Raw became the most critically acclaimed horror film and it’s being anticipated that Titane will also repeat the history doing wonders; and the trailer does promise it. Titane has no release date as of yet.

The French-language film is a French-Belgian co-production and will premiere at Cannes on July 21, 2021. Moreover, though the film is not really rated yet; however, from the trailer, it is pretty much confirmed it would be a Rated R movie. Ahead of that Neon has acquired the rights to distribute the film in the United States. Also, Altitude Film Distribution (Moonlight) will distribute the film in the United Kingdom and Film4 will do the same in Ireland.

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