‘Traumatized’ ex-soldier who molested child had sex with dog is jailed

Philip Mercon has been jailed for 14 years after he admitted having sex with a dog, and sexually abusing a 12 year-old child (Picture: McLennan County Sheriff’s Office)

A former soldier said to be suffering from PTSD was jailed for 14 years for molesting a 12 year-old girl and having sex with a dog. Philip Mercon, 30, was jailed after he admitted sexually abusing of a child and bestiality at a court in Waco, Texas, last week.

Mercon, a US Army veteran who served in Afghanistan, struck a plea bargain which saw him admit molesting the youngster at his home. He referred to the abuse as ‘tickling’ during questioning by police.

Allegations of pedophilia against Mercon emerged in 2020 after he was caught having sex with his neighbor’s dog in July 2018.

That neighbor stumbled across Mercon with the animal, described as a male and mixed breed, and called police. Mercon is said to have let the dog go free, with the animal returning to its owner. The married pedophile’s relationship to the child he molested has not been shared.

The pervert originally admitted bestiality in 2019 in return for a sentence of five years probation.

A judge had planned to refer the case to McLennan County’s newly-formed veterans’ court, which would have taken into account Mercon’s alleged post-traumatic stress disorder caused by his time in the Army.

But Mercon withdrew his plea after he was later told that the case would not be eligible for a veterans’ court hearing because it involved bestiality.

He also objected to being made to sign the sex offender’s register, although last week’s plea deal means he will now do so.

Mercon’s attorney Phil Martinez told the Waco Tribune-Herald: ‘He indicated that he would take full responsibility for his actions.

‘He didn’t want to go through a trial process because he had already admitted that he did something inappropriate and he is just hoping that he can eventually put this behind him, do his time and get back out.’

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