Trump rebranding himself ’45’ ‘to distract from 1-term presidency’

Donald Trump, pictured in February, is busy rebranding himself as ’45’ to distract from his November 2020 election loss to Joe Biden, a former adviser claims (Picture: Getty)

Donald Trump is rebranding himself as ’45’ in a bid to distract from his election loss and single term as president, a former aide has claimed.

Trump is using the number – which refers to him being the 45th President of the United States – on his new official website, 45Office.com. It is also prominent on his administration’s archived White House Twitter account, which has been named @WhiteHouse45.

Former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg thinks the number is a clever sleight of hand to draw attention away from the ex-president’s November election loss, and put some distance between him and other presidents who only served a single term.

Nunberg explained: ‘They can never take that number away from him. “Just psychologically, when you say President (Jimmy) Carter or you say President George HW Bush, you think “one-term president.” But if you put the number, 45th president, the connection doesn’t come that fluidly.’

Donald and wife Melania on their final morning in office. The president refused to concede his win to Joe Biden, with many of his supporters now referring to him as ‘the 45th President of the United States’ (Picture: AFP)

Trump famously refused to concede last November’s election result, which saw Joe Biden win and become 46th President of the United States.

His decision to refer to himself by his place in the chronology is also believed to help Trump avoid dwelling on Biden’s victory.

Other presidents use their numbers privately – with the Bush family differentiating between George HW and his son George W Bush by referring to them as ’41’ and ’43.’

Former President Bill Clinton – who was the 42nd president – once referred to Trump as a ‘master brander,’ with consultant John Boyd agreeing.

Boyd told NBC News: ‘He was a ‘different’ type of candidate and president and now he is a ‘different’ type of former president — one with a global brand to manage (as well as prospects to run again in 2024)

Trump is the first former president to use the number so publicly post office, having recently launched his new official website, 45Office.com, as well as asking for his administration’s archived White House account to be called @WhiteHouse45.

Trump supporters and the ex-president’s impeachment lawyer Bruce Castor have also taken to using the number when discussing him, rather than referring to Trump as the former president or ex-president.

The ex-president remains a hugely powerful force in politics, and is popular among Republicans.

He has teased a possible White House run in 2024.

Those close to Trump have also speculated that he will avoid running for office, but instead use his popularity to choose the next Republican presidential candidate and influence top-level US politics for years to come.

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