Riot Games makes an alienating move against community streams for First Strike – Europe

Riot’s decision to implement strict protocols for streaming their European First Strike Valorant tournament has caused a massive uproar in the online community.

A post by Wattsy, one of the administrators of the tournament, on discord revealed that streamers and content creators cannot co-stream the tournament, drawing intense criticism on the Valorant Reddit page.

Some have pointed out that Riot’s decision will only benefit the company while ignoring the growth of the scene as the community building aspect of co-streaming will be missed.

Others have expressed their dissatisfaction with the sudden rule changes which was never present to begin with.

Given the implementation of these rules, the interaction between streamers which can further enlighten or entertain the viewer as it widens his or her perspective on the game will no longer be available. This likewise diminishes the number of content centered on the Valorant esports scene.

However Wattsy didn’t just only post controversial regulations on discord, as the stream delay and the stream sniping countermeasures were included as well.

Riot’s Valorant First Strike is considered to be their first official attempt in establishing the game’s esports scene after the success of their Ignition Series. Other than Europe, the tournament will take place in North America, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Turkey, Asia, Oceania, Brazil, and the Middle East.

The format follows the traditional esports route that will kickstart with open qualifiers, where teams will grind in a best-of-one series. Only eight will proceed to the next round, where they will compete in a best-of-three format. The top four will proceed to the main event.

The tournament’s prize pool stands at $100,000 (€85,000). The winner will be branded as the Europe’s first Valorant champions.

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