Vikrant Massey Talks About His Relationship With Fiancée Sheetal & Buying His Dream Home

Bollywood actor Vikrant Massey has been very vocal about the ‘hierarchical system’ of the film industry and being told he’s not quintessential hero material.

As per a report in HT, Vikrant opened up about Diwali being “really special” for him this year as he is set to usher in the new year with his fiancée Sheetal Thakur. He also shared his feelings about buying his dream home at 33.

He says, “2020 has been a very significant year, both personally and professionally. Yes, I did formalize my relationship with Sheetal, and had many projects, too. God has been kind,” he says, adding, “This year has been very difficult on most of us if I can say so, and yet to be able to cater to audiences with four films, interact with them on a day to day scale, is something every actor aspires to do.”

Having bought his dream home, he adds, “I’ll be performing the Laxmi puja for the first time there. I don’t think koi shikayat hai, jo upar waale ne cheez di hai, haath jod ke, naman karke swagat karta hoon. I just hope that people keep giving their love, respect, and time to my films. I’m indebted to my audience, and whatever up there is looking after me.”


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Talking about his celebrations and festivities, he shared how he hasn’t burnt crackers in the past 2-3 years. However, he confesses, “Sheetal loves to, But I really think we have to be responsible and not contribute to pollution that is around at this point in time. I will be with my family, maybe invite few friends over, do the puja, that’s about it. A few video calls here and there. I don’t think there will be anything extravagant.”

It is after a long time that his entire family would come together to celebrate this year. “It’s our New Year in the country. It ushers in positive changes. As a child, I remember it used to be huge, with all relatives, Then everyone got busy with their lives and work. I doubt if it’s going to be a huge affair as always. For me, mentally, Diwali has always been the beginning of things and somewhere down the line, I mentally reboot. It’ll be simple with family, keeping Covid in mind,” he concludes.

We wish the versatile actor all the happiness and love!

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