What I Rent: Hannah and Connor, £875 a month for a two-bed house in York

Events manager Hannah rents a two-bedroom house with her boyfriend, Connor (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)

It’s time for What I Rent, our weekly series that explores the ins and outs of renting.

Each week we take you inside a different person’s rented abode, and chat with them about their experiences navigating the world of property.

Last time, we were in Chatham, Kent, with Flo, who rents a two-bedroom house for £795 a month.

Today we’re talking with events manager Hannah, 25, who lives with her boyfriend of eight years, Connor.

Originally from Leeds. Hannah moved to York three years ago to do her master’s degree. She went on to rent two places in York before settling here, in a two-bedroom house.

Hi, Hannah! How much do you pay to live here?

We pay £875 a month, excluding bills. Bills are around £250 a month for council tax, gas and electricity, broadband etc.

And what do you get for what you pay?

We have two double bedrooms in our home, a separate living room and dining room and one downstairs bathroom.

The garden is the real selling point!

What I Rent, Hannah, £875 for a two-bedroom house in York: hannah in dining room

Rent is £875 a month, plus around £250 for bills (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)

Do you feel like you have a good deal?

Yes, definitely! Getting a property of this size with period features and a garden at an affordable price is a bit of a rarity in York.

We used to pay the same amount for a much smaller two-bedroom flat.

Whereabouts is your home based? What do you think of the area?

Our home is in Fulford, a suburb of York about half an hours walk from the city centre.

It’s a lovely peaceful part of the city and the walk into town along the river is just gorgeous.

How did you find this property?


This is the first rental the couple have stayed in for longer than a year (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)

How have you made this place feel like home?

I try putting my own spin on my home using accessories like artwork, house plants and soft furnishings.

I have filled the alcove shelves in the living room with lots of our favourite books to show a bit of personality and create a focal point.

The furniture is all our own so this allows me to reflect my style in each room. I also love to use statement lamps to make it feel like home.

Have you found it difficult to decorate when renting? Is your landlord happy with you doing bits?

We aren’t able to decorate in the house but luckily enough everything was pretty much to our taste!

I have used some temporary solutions, such as removable vinyl tiles on the fireplace, to add my stamp.

I’ve loved getting to work in the garden and it has become my favourite place to hang out after a long day working from home.

They’ve been enjoying making the space their own with plenty of plants (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)

Do you feel like you have enough space?

We definitely have enough space and it feels ginormous compared to the tiny flats we have lived in previously.

It’s great to have a spare bedroom for friends and family to come stay.

Are there any problems with the home you have to deal with?

There aren’t really any problems – we’ve had the typical teething problems you get with any rented property such as a door falling off its hinges but nothing that wasn’t solved quickly!

If I had to change anything I would move the bathroom upstairs, but you do get used to that very quickly.

The couple would one day like to own a home (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)

Do you have plans to move again any time soon?

No, definitely not at the moment. This is the first rented house we’ve stayed longer than a year so we’re enjoying being settled.

Do you want to own a place some day or are you happy to rent?

We would love to buy our own place in the future and we’re saving towards a first home deposit.

This is going to be a long process so this home will definitely serve us well for now!

Fair play. Shall we take a look around?

What I Rent, Hannah, £875 for a two-bedroom house in York: garden with shed

The home’s garden was a major draw (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
Hannah reckons she and Connor have a great deal (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
They haven’t been allowed to fully decorate, but are glad they quite like the existing interiors (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
That blue on the walls is lovely, right? (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
Hannah says getting a place this size is a ‘rarity’ in York (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
We think they’ve done a great job putting their own stamp on the place (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
Nice rug (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
There’s a separate dining space (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
Londoners are looking at these pics and weeping (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
This way to the kitchen (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
You know you’re grown-up when you have a fruit bowl (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
And is that a Le Creuset? (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
A more pared back approach to fridge magnets (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
But there’s plenty to take in on the opposite wall (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
One unusual thing about the house is that the bathroom is downstairs (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
In an ideal worl, Hannah says she’d have this space upstairs (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
But she has quickly become used to popping downstairs for bathroom needs (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
There are two bedrooms (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
Look at that nice natural light (Picture: Alex Cousins/Metro.co.uk)
Light tones create a relaxing feel (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
The second bedroom doubles as a home office space (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)

What I Rent, Hannah, £875 for a two-bedroom house in York: print on bedside table

Hannah loves having a spare room for guests (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
And you can imagine how handy this desk setup would be in lockdown (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)
Gotta have a plant buddy (Picture: Alex Cousins SWNS)

What I Rent is a weekly series that’s out every Tuesday at 10am.

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