What is TikTok’s perfect ponytail hack and does it actually work?

Worth trying? (Picture: TikTok/@the.bridalist

Thanks to TikTok, we’ve all learnt a number of hacks that make day-to-day activities smarter.

Though it’s TikTok’s beauty scene that has gone viral over and over again, with people now aware of tricks like heatless curls and better equipped to achieve perfect winged eyeliner.

This corner of the app is getting attention again as content creators have shown how to do the ‘perfect’ ponytail.

As practical as ponytails are (and useful on greasy hair days), they can sink and look flat almost as quickly as they were arranged.

This trick promises to fix that – but does it work on everyone? We put it to the test.

The great thing about this hack – if it works on your hair type – is that you only need a scrunchie and no styling products (aside from a brush or comb), so it’s easy to try and doesn’t cost anything.

How does the perfect ponytail hack work?

Start by tying your hair as you normally would, then when you get to the last loop around your hair, stop and split the ponytail into a top and bottom section of equal thickness.

Then move the top half out of the way, and finish the ponytail by tying up the bottom half only.

Flip your top half back over the rest of the ponytail, and the idea is the scrunchie or hairband underneath will provide a volume boost, making the overall ponytail look fuller.

In theory, it’s the quickest and least damaging way to boost volume, negating heat or intricate handling.

However, it doesn’t work that well on everyone.

The results

Having tried the hack with my thick, long, straight hair, the results were minimal and my ponytail looked how it normally does.

My hair is heavy – whenever I get a haircut I feel a noticeable weight leave my shoulders.

ponytail hack - tanyel

After trying the hack with various hairbands and scrunchies, this was the best I could get (Picture: Tanyel Mustafa)

That weight (and gravity) is probably why this hack doesn’t work on me, so if you have shorter or finer hair (rather than the double whammy of length and thickness) you might find the results work better.

The other issue you might run up against is in your hair texture. Again, having straight and fairly silky hair, mine doesn’t have the best natural grip, which you’d need to maintain a look like this.

Spritzing in dry shampoo or a texture spray would help to prolong the wear of this hack, should it work on you.

Even though the results were underwhelming on my hair, given that it takes all of two minutes to test, it’s worth a shot.

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