Will Ferrell Revealed as the Ghost of Christmas Present in Ryan Reynold’s Scrooge Movie

After teasing an image of his upcoming musical comedy Spirited, Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell have been snapped on the set of the new movie, giving a first look at the pair in costume. The new take on Dicken’s A Christmas Carol has a certain air of Bill Murray’s Scrooged about it, with the story taking place in a contemporary setting that sees Reynold’s businessman being taught the error of his ways by three less than ordinary ghosts at Christmastime. The Apple TV+ movie was originally announced back in 2019 but shooting only began earlier this month when Reynolds posted his joy at starting filming with one of his comedy heroes.

The new images taken during outdoor filming in Boston, sees Reynolds wearing a sharp business suit and looking every inch the miserly Scrooge-like character. As well as being on set with Ferrell, there were other images showing him heading into his trailer as he arrived on set dressed in casuals for hi next day of the scheduled shoot. While it is great to see Reynolds in character, it is the pictures of Ferrell that are more interesting, as we get to see his much more individual costume as the Ghost of Christmas Present.

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While it may be summer now, Ferrell’s thick, seemingly padded green and black suit is something that would definitely keep a winter chill away, although it must be a nightmare to wear in the blistering July heat. With multiple lapels, gold buttons and a diamond pattern, the costume both screams classic Ghost of Christmas Present, while turning it into something close to formalwear. While Will Ferrell, and Reynolds, are seen sporting face masks in the images, we are going to assume with a great deal of certainty that these are purely for safety between takes and not an integral part of either character’s costumes.

The only other cast members to have been confirmed so far are Octavia Spencer, as a cheery coworker of Reynolds’ character, and Glow star Sunita Mani appears as the Ghost of Christmas Past. With a musical twist to the tale, it will be interesting to see what Reynolds can bring to the party as far as making this take on one of the best known, and most often filmed, Christmas movies a unique and audience pleasing experience.

Ferrell’s recent movies haven’t managed to excite the box office in recent years, with his Holmes & Watson comedy being a complete failure and his take on the Eurovision Song Contest being called as terrible as the competition itself. Hopefully with the power of the ever-popular Reynolds in charge of this movie, Ferrell can recapture some of the past comedy that made his name in the likes of Elf and Anchorman.

Ryan Reynolds has been busy in the last few weeks, having also been promoting his new movie Free Guy by way of a little Deadpool magic, when he appeared as his popular character alongside the MCU character of Korg in a breakdown video of Free Guy‘s trailer. He has also been promoting his movie while also working with the Hallmark Channel to bring a little bit of Christmas into lives even earlier than usual. Free Guy arrives exclusively in cinemas on August 13, while Spirited is expected to arrive on AppleTV+ in time for Christmas 2022. These photos were first shared at Just Jared.

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