Woman reveals easy hack to paint doorknobs – using a potato

The hack helps to keep them knobs separate and means you can reach every angle (Picture: DIY On A Budget/Facebook)

Sometimes a simple upgrade can give a piece of furniture a whole new lease of life.

For example, changing the knobs or handles on some drawers by painting them a different colour.

But getting them perfectly covered without mess can be tricky – do it on the drawers and you risk getting paint on the rest of the furniture but if you take them off, you have to make sure the paint doesn’t touch wherever you set them down.

But one woman has the perfect solution – a potato.

Posting on the DIY on a Budget Official Facebook page, she pushed three doorknobs into it, using the screw on the back.

The knobs are kept apart but you can reach every bit and it means any drips just fall onto the potato below.

Others had suggestions to make it even easier.

Hack to paint door knobs PICS: DIY On A Budget/Facebook

The potato painting hack (Picture: DIY On A Budget/Facebook)

One said: ‘Cut a flat side on the bottom of the potato to keep it from tipping over.’

Some suggested using polystyrene and one person even stuck a knob into the top of her McDonald’s cup – but if you don’t have any lying around, a potato might be easier to find.

People in the group were impressed with the idea.

‘Omg that is genius,’ one said.

Another added: ‘This is actually borderline genius.’

‘All jokes aside I never thought of putting them in a spud such a clever idea cause it gets so messy,’ someone else said.

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