Woman thinks she found $1,000,000,000 in bank but actually had account frozen

Julia Yonkowski thought she had become a billionaire due to a banking error on Saturday (Picture: WFLA)

A woman who thought almost $1,000,000,000 had been deposited in her bank by accident was never a billionaire after all – and instead had her account frozen over fraud fears.

Julia Yonkowski from Largo, near Tampa in Florida, thought she had become the 615th richest person in America on Saturday when she visited an ATM and reported having $999,985,855.94 that isn’t hers sitting in her account.

She said the nine-figure sum showed up on the ATM when she checked her bank balance after initially being unable to withdraw $20 from her Chase Bank account.

However, what Julia thought was a one billion dollar blunder was actually the complete opposite, according to a Chase representative.

Julia thought the money, almost $1billion, had been deposited in her checking account (Picture: WFLA)

Speaking to WFLA, the bank spokesperson said the $999,985,855.94 was not a positive balance and was actually a negative balance of nearly one billion dollars.

According to the Chase worker, Julia’s account was showing such an extreme negative balance as a fraud prevention method used to freeze an account – which is why Julia couldn’t withdraw any money.

The reason the fraud prevention tactic was implemented was because Julia’s late husband was a joint owner of the bank account, and when she attempted to use it, the bank registered it as suspicious activity.

9711349 Florida woman finds $1BILLION has been deposited in her bank account - and says no one at Chase is returning her calls to give it back

Julia’s account had actually been frozen and did not have a nine-figure balance (Picture: WFLA)

Chase Bank said people are required to complete a number of documents in situation like this to avoid a freeze on a joint bank account.

Julia said she hopes her experience can be used as an educational lesson for others.

She had previously pleaded with the bank to return what she thought was almost $1billion to its rightful owner.

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