Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Is Rumored to Play a Digital Version of Young Morpheus in The Matrix 4

Aquaman star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s role in upcoming sci-fi sequel The Matrix 4 has been a tantalizing mystery ever since his involvement was announced. Well, this particular burning question may have now been solved, with sources claiming that the actor will play a young version of Morpheus, Laurence Fishburne’s character from the original trilogy who guided Keanu Reeves’ Neo to freedom.

While it should be noted that this is still a rumor, several new details have been seemingly revealed regarding the role of young Morpheus. The source claims that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will play a “younger version of Morpheus in the film” and more specifically “a digital version of that character.” The idea of Abdul-Mateen II portraying an early years Morpheus is not a new one, but these details certainly are, with the sources in question having been proven right about several things lately including the development of Wedding Crasher 2 and Henry Cavill being cast in an ensemble spy movie, both of which have now been confirmed. Besides, aren’t rumors and speculation all part of the fun?

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This still begs the question, how does young Morpheus factor into proceedings? If the character is just a digital recreation, could he have been placed in the Matrix to torment Neo in some way? Or perhaps the story will involve a reversed version of the first Matrix, with Neo trying to free his former mentor from the clutches of the machines. It’s also possible that the fresh-faced version of Morpheus will appear in a flashback scene, perhaps detailing how he was first released from the Matrix way back when.

Of course this is all just guess work right now, with hardly anything having been officially revealed about the plot of The Matrix 4. There have been several leaks and rumors however, with the most recent claiming that the story will pick up some 60 years after the events of 2003’s The Matrix Revolutions, and that “there have been significant changes from the world we last left. Not all are still alive and the “world” has a divergent feel from the one Neo first entered all those years ago.”

This different world includes details such as Zion no longer existing, with the remaining humans no longer living in fear of machines, and some even working with humans. The rumor also provides some insight into the absence of former leader, Morpheus, who has now passed away, a factor which could explain the inclusion of a younger Morpheus in flashback-slash-digital form. It has also been claimed that Agent Smith will return, but has been recast due to scheduling conflicts which stopped original actor Hugo Weaving from returning with him. While his role in the story remains unknown, the rumor claims that Mindhunter star Jonathan Groff will portray the character.

The Matrix 4 is a joint production by Village Roadshow Pictures, Wachowskis Productions and Silver Pictures and is scheduled to be released by Warner Bros. Pictures theatrically on December 22, 2021. The movie will also stream digitally on HBO Max in the United States for a month beginning on that same date. This comes to us from Giant Freakin Robot.

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