Zach Braff Raves About His ‘Intelligent And Articulate’ Girlfriend Florence Pugh After She Fiercely Defends Their Age Gap From Haters!

In a brand new interview, Zach Braff gushed over his ‘intelligent and articulate’ younger girlfriend, Florence Pugh, after the 24 year old fiercely defended their 21 year age gap from haters. Furthermore, the man also revealed why he ‘chose not […] The article https://celebrityinsider.org/zach-braff-raves-about-his-intelligent-and-articulate-girlfriend-florence-pugh-after-she-fiercely-defends-their-age-gap-from-haters-454117/ published by https://celebrityinsider.org/author/nickmarkus/ and appeared first on https://celebrityinsider.org. Any reproduction of this article outside of https://celebrityinsider.org will be met with legal action by the writer.