A Lady Couldn’t Climb the Stairs in Her Wheelchair – Then She Pushed a Button…

In this day and age, every person should be able to access communal buildings, able-bodied or not. When you live your life in a wheelchair, it’s a goal to be able to have as much independence as possible. But if you look at this picture, you might think – how will this poor woman climb those stairs? There’s no ramp, no elevator to be seen, but thankfully there’s a signal button she can press. How does it work?

This lifesaver of a trick makes buildings accessible for wheelchair users at the touch of a button!


Even though there are always new innovations to implement when it comes to architecture, some old buildings are not suitable for such things. These places try to make do with makeshift ramps, unsightly add-ons and staff trying to help disabled people by manually guiding them up temporary inclinations. As you can imagine this is very cumbersome for everyone involved. There has to be a better option to tackle this problem – and there is!


British company All Good Trio came up with a solution after they realized that there must be an easier way than just reconstructing entrances. With their innovative design, no building needs to be heavily refurbished and even better, the result is practically invisible from the outside!

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High Tech Result

What do you think they came up with? A mobile staircase that deploys and retracts on command! All Good Trio Sesame Steps are camouflaged as regular stone steps – so they can even be installed for antique buildings, such as museums without disrupting their appearance. You just have to press a button to watch this fascinating contraption unfold and reveal a convenient means to enter into any building.

Make sure to watch this video to see Sesame Steps in action!