[Trick] Opening a Can without A Can Opener?

Get Resourceful

Everyone knows the trick of getting a beer cap off without a bottle opener, right? How about opening a wine bottle with a key instead of a bottle opener? As well as being handy, you can look cool while doing it. This can opening skill might be your next trick up your sleeve at a house party – or it can actually save you from starving, who knows? There’s nothing to lose in learning it, so let’s crack on with the tutorial.

Maximum Efficiency

Youtube, being the melting pot of useful hacks and DIY tutorials has the answer you might need for this. ‘The Crazy Russian Hacker’ channel presents an ingenious, hands-on way of cracking your can open. And by hands-on we mean, literally! How, you might ask? You don’t need to master karate, just rub the top of the can over a rough but horizontal surface. Then turn it the right way up, and press on the sides – the lid should open up. If it doesn’t work on the first go, try the rubbing part again!

The next video assumes you have a spoon at hand. That’s reasonable if you’re only missing the can opener. Make sure you try this one out as well:


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