#FacebookLockout: Facebook users report being locked out for reporting scammers and fake accounts

If you received a suspicious Facebook message from your dead granny looking to tell you about a great new financial opportunity, you’d report the fraudulent account to Facebook, wouldn’t you? 

That’s exactly what many Facebook users said they did right before the company seemingly penalized them for doing so.

The hashtag #FacebookLockout is currently gaining steam on Twitter among users who are finding themselves locked out of their Facebook account for reporting scammers and imposter accounts on the platform. 

2/ The #FacebookLockout affects #facebook, @FBBusiness, @Instagram Ads, and 3rd party Facebook Authentication. All manner of login pages are automatically redirected to single verification page with a photo upload requirement.

— Cory Comer (@corywcomer) October 14, 2019 Read more…

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